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Hey Ian!

Thanks for the outreach on Skype.

In summary to the brief discussion we had, I’ve built a membership site for the male enhancement niche that combines penile exercises and a diary feature allowing members to track their progress and results.

Long term I’ll be looking at launching landing pages and turning the platform into an independent offer (priced at around $89 with a CPA of $74) however for now, I’m looking to offer the Jelqing Academy as a bonus or up/down/cross sell product that can be utilised by other merchants with existing funnels (a great way of improving conversions on the initial offer or generating additional revenue as a secondary offer).

Existing merchants with offers can decide exactly how they wish to use the Jelqing Academy and how they price it, they’d take payment from the customer as part of their own funnel, the customer gets their membership details within a matter of minutes of completing their overall order, and then the merchant is billed a nominal amount (between $15 to $5 per Jelqing Academy member) on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Currently the Jelqing Academy is available/suitable for all English language traffic however we’ll be looking to introduce multilingual site versions as and when needed hence making it suitable for pretty much any geo in the future, whilst it’s the perfect fit for both male enhancement, enlargement and erectile dysfunction markets.

I’ve included your demo account details in the sidebar or (if you’re on a mobile device) below, along with a reminder of my contact details if you need them. Obviously if you have any questions, do please  let me know.

All the best,


Demo Account

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My Contact Details

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