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Frequently Asked Questions

Are results permanent?

With continued regular use of the jelqing exercises, you can maintain or increase your growth gains. That said, as we all get older our testosterone levels decrease and the size of our manhood (due to the aging process) gradually grows naturally smaller.

When will I experience positive results?

Penile exercises are not a get big quick solution however with repetition and time you can experience an increase in penile size. Realistically doing 1 workout routine a day, 5 days a week (giving you 2 rest days), should give you a notable increase of up to 1 inch size gains in the space of 1 to 3 months. Importantly everyone is different and the speed of results really does vary person to person.

How many exercises are there?

There are a little over 30 exercises within the Jelqing Academy platform – these are segmented into 4 groups. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.

Why can't I access all exercises?

Penile exercise, like any means of natural penis enlargement, can be dangerous if not done correctly or if you push yourself too hard and too fast. With this in mind, each level of jelqing exercises (beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert) are unlocked over a period of time ensuring you safely and gradually increase your exercise routines and the number of exercises undertaken.

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