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Hey Andrew!

Thanks for taking a look at what the Jelqing Academy platform has to offer!

As I’m sure you can appreciate, this would be a great addition to the Max Performer brand and provide some fantastic additional perceieved value not just for improving conversions but for also retaining and encouraging your existing customer base as well.

I’ve included your demo account details in the sidebar or (if you’re on a mobile device) below, along with a reminder of my contact details if you need them.

Obviously I’ve laid out the costings and how the 3 pricing tiers for the Jelqing Academy work however I’m sure if you’re interested in what the Jelqing Academy has to offer, we can come to a mutually agreeable discounted price given you know I champion the Max Performer brand as an affiliate and we have a good existing relationship which obviously goes back a fair few years!

As ever, any questions, do please let me know and I look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on the potential for getting you onboard with the Jelqing Academy platform!

All the best,


Demo Account

[email protected]


My Contact Details

[email protected]